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In Memory of Maple Hills


 Written by Corinne Hills, in memory of her beautiful daughter Maple. 





Things I'd Never Known 


I’d never known that a baby

born at just 13 weeks of pregnancy,

Would feel so much like one of my children

Or that I would carry a daughter.


I’d never known that I would worry

About her being alone at night,

Even though she’d left us

And her short life had been blessed.


I’d never known how perfectly formed

A baby is from such an early stage,

With tiny translucent hands and feet,

Beautiful even in her imperfections.


I’d never known that I’d be glad

To have met and held our baby,

Even for the shortest time,

Always to be my fourth child.


I’d never known the strength I have,

To hold my baby and touch her hand,

Never wanting to let her go,

But then managing my goodbye.

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