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SOFT UK Scottish Family Day 2015

SOFT’S 2015 Scottish Family Day again took place in the Glynhill Hotel last September. It was, as usual a huge success. 

We had most of our trustees attending and Jan Fowler SOFT chair arrived at lunchtime. The day kicked off with our usual tea/coffee and lots of chat catching up with each other. Once our children were happily settled into the crèche we moved on with our programme. 

First off we had Dr Una McFadyen. Una talks annually with members about issues relevant to supporting children with complex needs.  Una updates us and is very happy to answer any questions from the floor. Una is a wonderful support for SOFT members.

Next we had Erica Brown Vice President of Acorns Children’s Hospice.  Erica is becoming a regular part of our Scottish Day and this year she continued her sibling’s research by interviewing 2 adult siblings Stefanie Kerr and Daniela Robbins in front of the group. Stefanie grew up with her older brother John who had T13. Daniela was born after her sister Beth who had T13 died. It was wonderful to hear these siblings talk so open and honest about what effect this has had on their lives. 

After a very enjoyable lunch, the afternoon started with our parent speaker Caroline Johnstone giving us an update on her daughter Ayla. It’s always good to hear how our children are doing and a wonderful source of information for other families. We moved on with Jan Fowler updating us on SOFT finances and then Chris Rose kicked off discussions about the BIG 25th anniversary weekend in May 2016. Such an exciting event to look forward to.

Once all the discussions were finished we had our first ever Scottish balloon release. This was such a lovely sight, watching all the balloons flying high remembering all of our lost babies and children but also celebrating all of our children who were present with us.  A lovely way to end another very successful and enjoyable day. 

Some of our families then used the hotel’s leisure facilities much to the enjoyment of the children before we all met for dinner. It was good to relax and chat while we ate more food!!! 

As well as all of our regular families we were very lucky to have 2 new families this year.  Libby Morrison with daughter Sophie who has T13 and family and Alison Brian who fosters Jade who has T13 also attended with her family. Both new families were made to feel very welcome and have become a big part of our group already. 

Our 2016 Scottish family day is once again in the Glynhill Hotel and is on Saturday 11th September. We look forward to seeing everyone.