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How To Register

  • enter your details on the registration form
  • choose a user name and password 
  • My SOFT Child - Choose one of the 2 options even if you do not have a child
  • read the Code of Conduct
  • Click here for the SOFT registration form for members and professionals
  • alternatively there is a sign in button on the Log in for members who wish to join

An email will be sent to your designated email account
Open the email and click the OK button

To Log In as a Member

  • click the Log in button top right of the SOFT banner
  • enter your user name and password
  • click the Remember me button for extra Log in time
  • click the Log in button

You will now be taken to your My SOFT page
Or you can click the My SOFT button top right on the banner 

Change Your Information On Your Profile Page

  • click on 'My profile' to view or edit your contact details and data protection settings.
  • click on 'My notifications' to view or change the list of pages on this website that you are watching for updates (you will receive notification by email if they are updated).
  • click on 'Children' to view or edit information about your child, or create or update your child's blog and photo gallery

If You Forget Your Password